Help me with the end of year Podcast

On a more serious note yesterday I took part in a focus group to discuss the future of farming with the Secretary of State for the Environment David Miliband and my report will be up shortly, but just in the meantime here is the latest Wiggly Podcast review on iTunes with thanks to "Fetfer" for going and putting one up. It would be great if you would too, especially if you listen to our podcast outside the UK as to the best of my knowledge we only have reviews in the UK, US and Canada.
Anyway here it is:
"5 Stars Green Musings, Mayhem and a touch of Marketing
This is by far my favourite podcast although it is from the Wiggly team, who are at the end of the day a commercial enterprise, they deliver thought provoking insights in to matters green and rural with very little product placement.
I have been a listener for months now and never once have they failed to make me look like a grinning simpleton as I hang around Manchester Airport listening to their lives in the Herefordshire countryside. But there is a serious side with information as wide reaching as the impact of GM seed to Red Squirrel conservation through the good(?) and bad points of cats. Keep up the good work. Beats the Archers any day."

Wow, thank you Fetfer. I am very pleased to read that we enable you to look like a simpleton in the airport, I manage that myself without listening to an iPod - no problem. But the Archers compliment, I'm tickled pink with. Thank you.

I am compiling the End of Year Special Wiggly Podcast with the highlights from past shows. If you have bits you really enjoyed and would like to see in the show which will be made into a CD too, please let me know here, or on the Farm Phone 01981 500930 (+44 1981 500930)

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