Heather's home and the word on the street is...

Heather’s back from New York where she has been attending the BlogHer Conference.

Here are a few things that people have been saying about Heather and Wiggly Wigglers over the last few weeks:

Never mind discussions about Farmer Phil’s attire, Heather has made it onto the DC Goodwill Fashions blog after her appearance at the BlogHer conference in Scottish brogues. There is also reference to the fact that she wore “the cutest red mary-janes”. For the uninitiated (which included me until I was enlightened by Michael) these are shoes.

Maria Niles interviews Heather Gorringe at the BlogHer Conference and you can find the transcript here.

We have had some great iTunes Reviews and one of the latest is from Alistair Dixon and it goes like this:

Compulsively Whimsical

I listen to these podcasts on my way into work in the city on the train. I live in the countryside, have friends like Farmer Phil, and these ramblings help me to carry my chickens, wildlife garden and home life all the way with me until I get into the office. A slice of the good life.

Thanks for that Alistair and glad that the Wiggly Wigglers podcast team can inject a little countryside into the city.

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