Health and Safety Slows Business to a Halt!

As I wiggled my way home from the US of A last Monday I was waxing lyrical about how there's no place like home. The green rolling fields of Herefordshire, Hay Bluff in the distance the patchwork quilt of hedgerows, the light, the community... you know the sort of thing. I was still going on about it when we approached the Wiggly Drive, and much to my amazement saw this sign!!
On my drive!! So I asked our dear health and safety whizz kid young Jodie what was going? Well that was the jist of it, I actually asked her how anyone would get to work on time because if they got to the end of the drive by 9am they probably wouldn't get into the office before 9.30am because driving at 5 mph is walking pace!! I pointed out that we would be braking the new "speed limit" on our pushbikes! She defended her position and pointed me directly to the Transport Safety Regulation 17 and the subsequent recommendation that "5mph speed limits should be considered across the site, and relevant signs should be displayed." Having successfully took the wind out of my sails we both agreed that nobody would ever adhere to it least of all Jodie or me, but we would do our best.
All is well - 50mph seems much more reasonable to me. By the way I didn't put it up, I believe a certain farmer husband to be of Jodie may have been involved...
A few days went by and then the third sign appeared to really put the end to any speeding, - I should know, - I have nine points myself.
(you'll have to look wonky at this one because I cant get it to appear upright)

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