Have YOUR say in PRINT

This is your chance to have your say! ~And for me to experiment with all the things I learnt in the US of A with regard to Social Media and Podchef and Pigs!

As you may well of noticed that old Wiggly company is pretty keen on Social Media, and Blogging, and Podcasting, and Twittering, and wotnotiness.

Well, - me dears this ol farm in rural Herefordshire now wants to be the first to put together a conventional paper catalogue using Social Media!

What does that all mean? We want YOU to get involved, write articles, send in photos and drawings, design product if you are in the mood, and we will use these articles and items in our catalogue and on our website.

Whats in it for me? I hear you cry.

Well, one thing is for sure, you must write whatever you like and I certainly wont want to sway that by any attempt at the old bribery...(!) On the other hand I most definitely will not let any contribution used go by without a good old thank you, and a plug for your cause or your blog or whatever it is you want to promote to our 160k readers. I think this is quite an exciting project and so will be wheeling in the full force of the Wiggly media promotion campaign to enthuse about your contributions from all over the world to help to change the way we garden!

If that sounds fair enough to you here is what I am looking for:

1: Perhaps you have experience of a product that Wiggly Wigglers is selling or could sell (our next catalogue aims at The Farmer in You so extends our growing and harvesting range). Can you review that product? Have you got a piccy of you using it?

2: Maybe you would like to write a "How To" For example we would love a "How to Make your own bird seed fat feed" or similar. What about a "How to make a Christmas wreath using native hedging"?

3: Spread this news. Could you blog this idea, or share this with your facebook friends to see if other folk are enthusiastic about making the first ever collaberative Wiggly catalogue, and have some relevant musing to share to encourage folk to find "The Farmer in THEM!!

If you would like anymore guidance - think the idea is a corker, or a rubbish one, let me know what you think. I'll put this up on the facebook discussion section, or you can message me, or email me heather@wigglywigglers.co. uk. I dont suppose we'll be able to use every single contribution but we will be doing our best.

Wiggle ON dear groupy


The catch:
The deadline for this project is Friday 30th November (sharp intake of breath is audible). Think about it - if I gave you a deadline of next July you'd start the last week in June....you would...you know you would....

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