guerilla tuesdays

well, urban foraging brought me home about 10 brambles wrapped up in a muslin square -- not great so i've had to hit the farmers market a few miles away for some damsons. i'd somehow blocked out the pain of picking out all those damson pits from the last time i made jam -- next time someone stop me!

point being however that there is a distinct surfeit of concrete and weedy patches round here which could, with some love, be turned into productive growing space. something which is particularly on my mind today as i've be watching a woman and her daughter who go up and down our street looking through the bins for food. makes you stop and think.

one positive re(action) to all this is guerilla gardening -- check out the blog (or if you're into print in the way i am its a beautiful little hardback book). i'm wondering about sending some seed bombs into next door's decaying garden !

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