Grey Wagtails love Mealworms too

Aren't they wonderful. Thanks to David and Pam Petts who sent me the photos, and the following note:

"Dear WW
We have a smallish suburban garden in Wickford Essex, and recently added meal worms to the menu, They were mainly for the Robin and Tits, and a hope that the locally scarce Song Thrush might discover them. Imagine our delight when a Grey Wagtail discovered them and has for the last three days been feasting happily on them.
Attached are a couple of photos of the bird with worm in beak, hope you like them.
David & Pam"

Mealworms are basically made up of protein, fat and most essentially water and so make one of the best feeds for birds there is. Just about all birds eat livefood. (well OK, - pigeons dont) The best way to feed them is either in a feeder with a sieve bit in the bottom, or in a steep sided shallow container, so they dont wiggle away. They'll keep for several weeks at room temperature. By the way they are vegetarian which means they are clean, hygenic unlike maggots.

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