Gift Guide: 5 Top Bird Feeding Gifts for Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner, and while you're busy decking the halls and stuffing stockings, don't forget about our feathered friends! Birds bring joy and beauty to our lives all year round, so why not show them some love this holiday season? Whether they are a seasoned bird enthusiast or a newbie to the avian world, we've got you covered with our top 5 bird feeding gifts for Christmas.

 1. A Bundle of British Bird food

We've got loads of bundles and savings on our bestselling seeds and feeds.


2. 3-Month Gift Subscriptions!

NEW Gift Subscription - One of our birdy favourites sent to arrive for the next three months, a whole season of feeding - with no pre-payment, you’ll be charged each month :) deal for sending to someone for Christmas or a Birthday, from British grown seed, live food favourites, fantastic fats and suets or our Wiggly Birdybox with a monthly mix of different bird food. PLUS you’ll also save 10% on the regular price.


3. Bigeasy Seed Feeder - From £33

Available in three sizes the Big Easy range of seed feeders are extra large diameter feeders that come apart very easily for cleaning purposes.


4. British Suet Balls - From £5!

These high energy suet balls are made using British Maize and Seeds provided by Farmer Phil's farmer friend, on Parrish's Farm. Our Maize Suet Balls use a much high quantity of Maize than wheat to bind the fat balls together. Perfect for feeding in winter as they are high in fat!


5. Suet Cakes - From £2.95!

Suets and fats are a really useful food for your garden birds especially in colder weather. Animal fat is easily digested and metabolised by many birds; it's a high-energy food, and it helps to keep them insulated. Particularly attractive to woodpeckers, nuthatches, wrens, tits and even some warblers occasionally visit suet feeders.


Or why not order a Wiggly Gift Voucher (delivered by email)


Special Festive Freebie! A bag of Wiggly Fir Cones (Worth £5) when you order any other product! 

To claim: Simply add our bag of Fir Cones to your basket ( with any other wiggly product and your fir cones will automatically be discounted at the checkout! Offer ends 20th December at 4pm. This offer can only be used once per customer and once per order.

The last guaranteed shipping date to have your wiggly order delivered for Christmas Day is the 20th December.

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