Garden Jobs for March

Hannah’s been busy with her paper potter and above you can see the leek seedlings coming along nicely.

This month’s gardening tips from Hannah are:

  • March is a good time to lift and divide perennial plants.
  • Plant summer flower bulbs in pots in the greenhouse.
  • Prune last year‚Äôs growth on summer flowering clematis.
  • Plant early varieties of seed potatoes.
  • You just have time to plant out bare-rooted trees over the next week or so.
  • Protect blossom on peach and nectarine trees from frost and, if in a greenhouse, hand-pollinate with a soft brush.
  • Mulch the base of trees with a layer of garden compost, but avoid the trunks as it could cause the bark to rot.
  • Tidy ponds by clearing up any plant debris on the margins, remove leaves from the water and plant marginals.
  • Sow celery seeds in pots this month and next in the greenhouse.

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