Flower Question

I had an email recently from someone who wanted to know why The Wiggly Bouquets are not organic.
Well there's several reasons;
1. We dont use any pesticides on our cutting patch as a rule, but have never felt the need to actually be certified organic. The principal is in place, and thats it.
2. We use lots of foliage that is harvested from wild overgrown shrubs and hedges that we prune - this would be impossible to certify organic, but to my mind a great, natural way of re-using the best greenery possible.
3. We often buy in extra flowers and to me its much more important to support the local farmer than it is to specify organic - particularly on an item which you are simply not going to eat.
4. Flower Miles; The average bouquet gets flown thousands of miles whether organic or not, better to buy a seasonal bunch produced in the UK, - I reckon.

5. (I know, - I am biased but she did ask...)

Now, there are only so many rafia bows that one woman can tie in a day (!) and so if you would like to order a bouquet for Mothering Sunday (March 18th in the UK) please make sure you click sooner rather than later...

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