Five Things Meme

Good old Anna Farmery has sent me this Meme thing. I find out from her is a kind of spread embaressment feature of blogging where you get yourself then other people to list 5 things you haven't mentioned before. Well, I think thats it, if not Anna will put you right at the bottom of this post.
So 5 things you probably dont know about me:
1. I once delivered 2000 live worms to the Headchef in a Hotel by mistake. (The Bait Shop was next door...)
2. I have played the Church Organ at over 15 couples weddings.
3. I once saw The Wombles have a few too many to drink and take their heads off!
4. My first proper job was driving a Road Roller!
5. I lasted one week at Brownies and a couple of weeks at Young Farmers. (it was the conforming thing...)

and so now I'll link to Tim Kidson,
Frankie from Allotment 21
Jane Perrone
Heather from Eie Flud
and Farmer Jake

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