Feeding your garden birds this April

Time to listen – it’s the time of year to hear the Dawn Chorus. Only male birds sing and their efforts are all about ensuring that no other male takes their territory and no female considers wandering off when they are busy singing!

Look out for fledglings and give them the best possible start in life. The adults will be feeding their young and they need moisture but obviously can’t easily get a drink. Feeding LIVE food such as waxworms or mealworms provides an excellent treat as they are made up of fat, protein and crucially water!

It’s still a good idea to offer suet based foods as fats are easily digested by young birds and help them grow as quickly as possible.

Wiggly Tip

It’s likely that you will have a considerable amount of birds feeding at your table and feeders this month so it’s a good idea to have a good clean up and make sure the areas are really clean and pristine as wherever large numbers of birds congregate presents an increased risk of infection from parasites.

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