Farmer Phil rescues millions!

Farmer Phil...on Day One clearing the yard!

Toast's not sure about the snow... (and I'm not sure how to put the photo up the other way!)

Last week we had the deepest snowfall here in Blakemere for over 20 years - over 8 inches. Now this snowfall brought much of Herefordshire to a standstill. Many roads were blocked and it was taking cars 4 hours to get through the city centre.
But in our locality we are used to my brothers Billy and George taking on all the unclassified roads and clearing them before the snow gets a chance to stick. This year Farmer Phil was recruited to join the team much to his excitment. He made his snow plough and had the tractor fueled and ready for the call!
Day One: Farmer Phil clears the yard and sets off to Clehonger to rescue damsels in distress - (well white van man mostly - but he would have rescued damsels had there been any!)
Day Two: Farmer Phil ploughs on in deepest Ruckhall ensuring the emergency services could get through and folks could get their essential supplies!

Notice anything missing from day two? mmmm Farmer Phil forgot to clear the yard... which meant that once the poor old Alan came in his lorry to collect all the Wiggly orders, he got stuck... in our Farmyard! (and it took him over four hours to do 30 mile trip!)

Ah well, eventually we rescued him with the help of Kevin, Anthony, Jodie, and the Countrywide delivery man!!

Cheers all!

Moral of the story for Farmer Phil
Always apply your own breathing mask before helping others!

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