Farmer Phil and the Year of Food and Farming

As part of the "Year of Food and Farming", Farmer Phil went along to the Haberdashers' Monmouth School for Girls to talk about Lower Blakemere Farm. He had a wonderful day and actually came home shattered (!) He talked about our farm, our beef, and then the chefs ran a ready steady cook where the girls could try the meat. You can listen to our podcast about the launch of the "Year of Food and Farming" (Number 103)In the meantime, here is just a taster of the pile of feedback he received…(I think they liked him) and girls – you can put more comments at the bottom of this blog!

To Farmer Phil…

I really enjoyed the talk. I learnt lots and it was fun, not boring! I was
interested to learn about a cow’s year, I did not know about it. I was glad to
know that cows are killed painlessly. I now feel much happier about eating beef.
The cooking food smells really good.
Very good and detailed and made me realise that a farmer’s life is tough and you
care for the environment. I learnt a lot about good meat. It was good that you
brought in food and showed us the meat.

A very informative talk, lots of detail and I liked the samples of cereals and
the wheat. I learnt that the barley has longer heads than the wheat, I can never
tell the difference on my farm.

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