Farmer Phil and Anna Farmery!

For sometime I have been listening to a fantastic podcast by Anna Farmery from The Engaging Brand
She interviews some interesting folk and although there is lots of "corporate speak" if you are involved in a small business you can pick up tips from people who understand this "Social Media" stuff far better than I do. I think if us Smaller Businesses can get a handle on this technology........and if we have something to say..........we can become experts in our niche and be able to communicate with the world! The chance is there. By the time the larger businesses have gone through all their rules and regulations to allow people to Blog, and Podcast, Videocast, Wiki and Comment we'll have done it I reckon. Crack on then (and dont tell the big boys!)
Anyway, it turns out that Anna's dad had a machinery business - Horstine Machinery
She says:
"My Dad's company was Horstine Farmery - I know apt name or what! - although
he retired back in the 80's. He made grain dryers, granular applicators,
sprayers (I know not great for organic!) pig pens, conveyors etc....."
and it turns out that Farmer Phil used to have Anna's dads products on the farm!!
Dear Anna
I have used several of your Dads products, notably his CDA sprayer (which
reduced rates radically and was therefore great for the environment!) and
the granular applicator putting on Avadex which is also quite an
environmental product as it is relatively benign and Blackgrass has shown no
resistance to it.
Farmer Phil
I found one of Horstine Machinery's products on ebay if you want one dear reader!
And here is what Anna thinks of the Wiggly Podcast!

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