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Here is a link to a flower article about the flower industry including Wiggly Flowers
This year at Wiggly Wigglers Anne put together a record 83 bouquets for Mothering Sunday, but there was a market that none of us had thought of.........those sons and daughters who had forgotten Mothering Sunday!!!!! So that meant that Monday saw another 19 bouquets leave and another 10 today!! Ha Ha - Jodie had to order extra boxes - and quick! In complete contrast last week we went to have a look around a chrysanthemum glasshouse in Holland, where they use earthworms (megrow worms) to oxygenate the soil to promote quicker growth. It was mind bogglingly efficient, tiny plant to flower in 9 weeks, with everything controlled - from CO2, temperature, light, bugs, everything. Automated cutting and picking and trimming and packing means that they produce 50000 bunches every week and nearly all for the UK supermarkets!! From picking to market usually takes 3-4 days but the chrysanthemums last so long, that they can stay in the box for 10 days if necessary.
Well, our flowers may not be as efficiently produced.....................never mind! Anne's bringing me in photos of her farmhouse filled with flowers - no conveyor belts but Anne and Nicky were up late finishing the flowers inbetween lambing.

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