Dave Back's Top Five Wiggles

I had a talk with Anita Roddick last week, and she was looking through our catalogue and mentioned that it would be really useful to have a Top Five of this and that. It could be our favourite products out of the whole lot, or the top five composters etc.

So, I thought it would be fun to take this idea fur
ther and ask a customer, or a supplier or a team member for their top five wiggles every week on my blog.
Here is the first:
Dave Back
Customer and podcast
listener. 29yrs old, science teacher, married to a ceramicist, love the process of turning carrot peal into soil… amazing! Hate grey squirrels… any recipes for squirrel pie?

Number One Favourite Wiggly Product Worm bin! Just back from a weekend in Suffolk helping a friend set up his new can-o-worms (bought from you at my suggestion). Just can’t believe how satisfying it is to have NO compostable materials that are adding to land fill. Plus the worm wee is the best fertiliser around… if a little wiffy!

Bokashi bin. For all those bits and bobs that worms don’t like or would just be too gross to go in. The meat scraps, onion skins, mouldy humus, that sort of thing!

Three Meal wormsfor the fun of feeding the birds. They love ‘em so much. You can tell by how friendly they become!
I spotted a bit in the Wiggly catalogue that said apparently robins eat live meal worms from the hand. Well, I've been trying this for a good few years.... and had success in my garden in London this summer when my robin was going mental feeding one brood of three, followed by another.
Unfortunately, not all the little ones made it, but I'm sure that more survived than would have if I wasn't feeding them! Although I did feel a little spurned, the robin eventually became tame enough to eat not only from my hand, but from my wife's and then from all our mates when they came round! They just couldn't believe it! Unfortunately, the robin I was feeding seems to have shifted on to a new patch and left one of his progeny behind.... he's still pretty shy, but he is coming closer. Maybe next spring, I'll be able to double up as a bird table again.... an excellent excuse for sitting still in the garden for ages! Hope the photos show up.... a reminder of warmer days with more daylight!

Four Wild flowers. Bought a few of your wild flowers and added them to borders that aren’t strictly mine, but aren’t looked after. They’re making it look great as well as providing the right type of flower for our native inverts!

Pop up composter… I’m just a composting fiend!

Suggested Wiggly Improvements.
Love it all. Only thing I would say is that you use quite a lot of time introducing your excellent roving reports (e.g. the plouging special) and then introduce it again from within the recorded segement. Other than that, thanks for inviting me into your lovely world!

Thanks Dave

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