dark berries

thank you maud hartley on whose grave i have at last found some respectable brambles! collecting them was a treat -- i must have got about 2 punnets but not without considerable odd looks from passers-by. i dunno but i guess it's the ultimate compost?

autumn must be here because i've been missing canada and craving carbs. a blackberry crumble with some lovely cooking apples did the trick. i use weetabix crushed up to add a bit of crunch to the topping.

have any of you got leeks as young as mine? at the DIY shop about 2 weeks ago i saw a box and decided to wack them in amongst my green manure (courtesy of my Wiggly seed box) -- i'm a bit dubious about whether they will survive but as veg go they are pretty stiff-upper-lip so no doubt they will be fine. or at least they won't complain too loudly.

as october is just around the corner i'm kicking myself that i didn't get growing pumpkins -- i'm not really sure where they might fit in our classic victorian terrace garden. ideas welcome. i saw an amazing display of hanging gourds in london once....i'll get there -- now let me see if i can find you a picture...

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