Customer review: the Brill Razorcut Mower

Today we have a review from Wiggly groupie and blogger Simon Sherlock who reviews his latest purchase, the Brill Razorcut mower.

What can be said about the Brill Razorcut mower available from Wiggly Wigglers?

Well for starters I reckon it was probably named by somebody who had actually used it! It really is that good and my 6 year old daughter thought it hilarious to ask me whether my new Brill mower was brill or not.

When I first saw this lawn mower in the new Wiggly Wigglers catalogue I thought nothing more than it was a nice looking push mower that costs a bit more than you’d like to pay – at about £100 it’s not the cheapest mower you’ll find. The likes of B&Q offer much cheaper push mowers than this but I have tried them, and they’re just not up to a normal lawn unless you have a lot of extra time and want to really use mowing the lawn as an aerobic work-out. The one I tried also left patches of grass in some places and shaved bits in others.

A few days after the catalogue came out the mower cropped up in one of the discussions on the Wiggly Wigglers Facebook group and it got glowing reviews from somebody who had owned one for 6 years. There were promises of a push mower you could use at the same walking speed as a normal mower, which cut longer than normal grass, and even left stripes (ooh, how posh can that be?) and handled the odd twig.

I didn’t quite believe it but I decided I had to have one all the same. I have a reasonably small garden that’s fairly uneven with fast growing meadow grass and I’ve been feeling guilty the last few years having a petrol mower for such a small lawn – how can I preach about nature, the environment, composting and recycling when twice a week I’m pushing a noisy, petrol driven mower up and down the lawn?

I hoped this would be a nice alternative so an order was placed and a few days later the mower arrived, on my wife’s birthday of all days. And oh how that joke fell flat when she opened the box!

Putting the mower together was easy, even for somebody like me who doesn’t fit well with DIY and, wife’s birthday or not, I couldn’t resist having a go at mowing the lawn. As you can see by the before pictures I had let it grow reasonably long so as to give the mower a decent test.

Once built the mower is a reasonable size and certainly looks the part.

It’s also of very sturdy construction, as quiet as you’d expect and very easy to push. My only complaint in fact is the grass “box” (a plastic cover around a metal frame), which is loosely attached to the mower lets some of the grass fall back on the lawn (because of the gap between the back of the mower and the box itself). I found I had to push the grass to the back of the box at the end of every run so as not to leave a trail of it behind.

You can see from the pictures how large (or rather small) the back garden is, but the job took about 5 minutes longer than with the petrol mower. It will probably be even less next time as the grass won’t be as long and I won’t be fiddling with the cutting height and generally fussing with my new toy because, well, it’s my new toy :)

As you can see by the after pictures it makes a smashing job though it has highlighted how sad my borders look at this time of year!

So in my opinion it’s well worth the money as it makes a great job, will save money on petrol and means you can cut the lawn as early or as late as you want without worrying about waking the neighbours and polluting the atmosphere.

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