Customer Complaint

Sometimes its difficult to always agree that the customer is king when you run a small business...

I had a complaint in today on our feedback forms. Mrs Jones said; "Why are your birdfeeders SO expensive - its outrageous - your birdfeeders are £75! Are they made of GOLD?"

The thing is we do have a birdfeeder at £75 with exactly the same margin as our other feeders, but look how gorgeous it is...

An Eva Solo glass feeder - yum!

The thing is what is wrong with selling this one? We have a whole range of feeders and if you want to spend £7.50 you can go for our metal seed feeder!

You cant please all of the people all of the time and I think its important to offer as much choice as we possibly can. The birds aren't fussy thats for sure, but they're not the ones buying the feeder are they?

A grumpy Heather rant....sorry!

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