Countryfile wiggle our way...

Way back in 1995 John Craven brought his team to film a fledgling Wiggly Wigglers
Well this week they came back headed up by Adam Henson. He has made some of my favourite reports on Countryfile, and he is a real time farmer as well as presenter.
Here's the trailor to this week's show on BBC One at 11am on Sunday

Rural women The stereotypical homely image of a farmer's wife in the kitchen making jam and pies is more and more out of date. A recently published report from Global Entrepreneurship Monitor says that the number of female entrepreneurs outstrips the number of male ones in the rural wards they studied. It also shows that female entrepreneurial activity is nearly twice as high for rural women as it is for urban women. Three inspirational women have set up three very different businesses, and are following their rural dream.

Many thanks to Rebecca Harding who wrote the report and Izzy Warren Smith from Wire for thinking of us.

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