Country Living

As a subscriber to Country Living Magazine I particularly like the nature notes and the gardening section, but this month's is even better than usual.
There's the first part of Sarah Raven's Cutting Garden explaining how to grow flowers for picking - particularly interesting for Wiggly Wigglers as Jodie and Anne went down to Sarah's farm to learn how to put together our cutting patch for the Wiggly English Bouquets, then in the gardening section there's even a piece from Stephanie Donaldson on how she is using The Empowered Composter with Bokashi to ferment her kitchen waste. (The piccy is of my hand you know putting the bokashi into the composter in the Wiggly kitchen). And finally there's a great piece on Alison and David Parker's pick your own daffodil farm in Wiltshire.
As I blog these bit there's a frenzy of bird activity just outside my office window just at the minute. The three feeders are being devoured by sparrows, greenfinches, chaffinches, great tits and blue tits - and one goldfinch. They dont seem to mind eating upside down at all. Favourite food today would seem to be Finch Mix and Peanuts. Hungry work mating - as I understand it all the action started Valentine's Day.

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