Wonder Worms!

I know everyone is talking about the importance of bees (and indeed they are very very important) but it's worth gaining an understanding of how important earthworms actually are to a healthy eco-system.

Whilst there are many different species of worms, 27 in the UK alone and over 2000 worldwide, we can categorise all worms that live in soil, including worm farms and compost bins, as Earthworms.


Earthworms eat soil, organic matter and food scraps and decompose this matter into rich garden fertiliser. They create tunnels in our soil to enable water, air and nutrients to circulate keeping our earth healthy.

A worm farm (or worm composter) is an easy way to recycle food scraps whilst at the same time minimising the food waste that goes to landfill and creating a natural garden fertiliser which is jam packed full of beneficial microorganisms and enzymes that support the quality and structure of your garden soil.

https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/collections/worm-composting You will be rewarded with free compost and liquid feed for life!

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