Come on Spring

"As I peeked through the watery stair rods that built up quickly on impact and swept away even more loose gravel from the track below our house, I considered a quad of magpies in the paddock below. Although not actually mating one could be seen sidling suggestively up to another whilst hoisting its deceptively navy blue tail feathers skyward. The day before I had watched mallards, whole heartedly getting it on, whilst I lay on the banks of the Wye, half heartedly watching my pike bung in the hope that it would be plucked under the surface by an unsuspecting piscivorous fishy.

Even though the two potentially meanest months of the year are still ahead of us the signs of warmth and new growth are just poking the very tops of their seasonal crowns into the ether. For me Spring can't come soon enough. The thought of daylight accompanied by sweet sounds and fresh new growth warms my soul. The winter solstice is well behind us and summery treats are once again on the not too distant horizon. Whilst I don’t want to wish my life away, like Badger in Wind In The Willows I could quite easily sleep the winter away and wake to the bounce in springs step."

Richard - Wiggly Wigglers

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