Clare Short on Wiggly Podcast 23

Podcast 23 Show Notes
Richard chats with Clare Short (yes, the Clare Short, MP for Ladywood) and finds that she is an avid user of Bokashi. Fabby Intertiew in my opinion. Listen in from today.
The supermarket row spoils my pool hall hustling, , and Rachel and I fail once again to realise the benefits of a good map! I have my own book review this week - The Farm by Richard Benson and it easily gets a Milka rating while I get a cold bath.
Thanks to the BBC for the use of their studio and telephone recording equipment to allow us to record the Clare Short interview.
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Here's Roly Puzey's review on the Wiggly Podcast.

Rating – Five and a ½ Star !

Rick Stein, Jimmy’s Farm, Bill Oddie wrapped in one - fantastic - hats off to the team at Blakemere Farm and Wiggly Wigglers for their podcasts that cover a range of countryside and healthy living issues in a fun, lively, topical and educational way. The team - Heather and Rich paint wonderful pictures with words in such a personal and real manner …. whilst Farmer Phil is doing a great job of representing thousands of farmers at a time when knowledge is low and interest in is high is food, farming and the countryside. Phil manages to unravel the politics, acronyms and realities of farming in such a realistic yet positive way

….. and oh yes, and the hedgerow row! …rotational cutting is not just an organic thing you know – it’s a practice that’s widely adopted by the majority of conventional ‘animal loving, food producing, wildlife enhancing’ farmers who recognise there IS a balance to be had between food production and environmental management. Well done, keep’m coming!

Roly is Farms Liaison Manager for LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming)
02476 413911
If you would like to go and see a real farm in action contact LEAF ( for a list of farms that you can go round and have a look at. I'm talking about a REAL farm, not a "theme farm". LEAF is an organisation to improve the way that farmers communicate. I completed their "Speak Out" course which was one of the best courses I have ever done and I would whole heartedly recommend it to any farmer who wants to be able to communicate effectively what their farm means to them. It has certainly helped me with radio interviews and on Thursday when I spoke at the WiRE conference to 350 Women in Rural Enterprise delegates!!
The other thing that LEAF does is as a consumer you can use the LEAF marque on products in the supermarket to follow through who and how that food has been produced.
Check them out - I think they are fab.

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