Carnival of Green Gardening

Welcome to the April 15, 2008 edition of the Wiggly Wigglers carnival of green gardening.

Theodore Pappas presents Seed Banks: The Seeds of Salvation posted at Britannica Blog, saying, "A fine post on ... seeds--and the importance of "seed banks.""

nichole halsey presents Simply Irresistible, she?s so fine theres no telling where my money went? posted at Bad Human! Don't take chemicals from strangers!.

Jim presents Making Compost At Home - Day 1 posted at How To Compost, saying, "I have recently built a couple of larger composting containers. I have now started a compost heap in one of them. Read about how it unfolds."

Dave Truman presents How The Size Of Vegetable Seeds Affects Planting posted at Growing Vegetables.

Alison presents Perfectly Natural: Green Lawn Care posted at Green Me.

TopVeg presents Top Veg » Blog Archive » How to Grow Potatoes in the Vegetable Garden. posted at Top Veg, saying, "hope this is suitable- let me know if not!"

Ellen Landauer presents Dandelion: Herbal Liver Cleanse, Better Digestion, and More! posted at Health Freedom Coaching, saying, "Naturally increase your happiness and healthby getting nutrient-rich food right from nature, while being out in the sun and fresh air. Dandelion leaves and buds can be made into delicious dishes while supporting good health of liver, gallbladder and kidneys. Recipe for homemade capers!"

Stephanie presents The Grass Is Always Greener. . . posted at Stop the Ride!, saying, "Who needs a yard?"

Jamie McIntosh presents National Garden Month posted at Suite101: Organic Gardens blog, saying, "As a hobby, gardening is unparalleled in its ability to improve our health, beautify our communities, and connect with the environment."

Jackson Kern presents Video Exclusive! 30 Million Trees and a Nobel Peace Prize: One Woman’s Story Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Causes: The Alternative Channel Blog posted at Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Causes: The Alternative Channel Blog.

Lyz Lenz presents Vermi Composting Basics: Budget Gardening Tip The Budget Casa Articles posted at The Budget Casa Articles, saying, "This post is a simple how-to for vermi composting. A great green gardening tip, that is simple, easy, and cheap to do."

Stephanie presents Stop the Ride!: My Mini Greenhouses posted at Stop the Ride!.

nichole halsey presents Garden Update posted at Bad Human! Don't take chemicals from strangers!.

GP presents The Big O posted at Innstyle Montana- Come on Inn, saying, "Tips for growing organic veggies"

valereee presents Foraging: hot new foodie trend, or the hottest new foodie trend? posted at Cincinnati Locavore, saying, "When foraging crosses the line into becoming gardening: Foraging in your own backyard for plants that many gardeners would consider weeds, and doing it in a way that encourages that plant to come up again next year."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of a carnival of green gardening using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our
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