Carnival of Green Gardening

Welcome to the Wiggly Wigglers carnival of green gardening.

Laura Williams presents Around the Homestead Today... posted at Laura Williams' Musings.

Reba Haas presents Going native in the garden is a smart choice posted at Team Reba Real Estate, saying, "Washington State has many gorgeous and useful native plants that it's almost a shame that some gardeners prefer to introduce non-indigenous plants. This article will introduce you to a great local resource for some of the wonderful native plants that thrive naturally in the Northwest."

Teri presents My Work as an Environmental Biologist posted at Teri's Organic Garden, saying, "My work as an environmental biologist working with 2 amazing grants - the Public Seed Initiative and the Organic Seed Partnership - both grants involve organic vegetable farming issues and ways to solve them."

Chris presents 3 Steps to the Perfect Vegetable Garden (Part Two) posted at Smith Family Garden.

valereee presents No dirt under your nails? No tomatoes for you! posted at Cincinnati Locavore, saying, "Does it only count as sustainable food if you grow it yourself?"

Fiona Lohrenz presents Going Organic…Why We Should! posted at Child Care Only.

Lane Wright presents Reducing Your Carbon Footprint posted at Vegan Bits.

GrrlScientist presents Introduced Parasite Suspected of Killing Wild Bumblebees in Canada posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, "A mysterious decline in North American bumblebee populations is apparently the result of "spillover" of pathogen-infected commercial bumblebees, Bombus species, from agricultural greenhouses where tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers are commonly grown in huge quantities. Includes images and data."

Condo Blues presents 40 Flower, Plants, and Trees That Attract Japanese Beetles posted at Condo Blues, saying, "If you have a Japanese Beetle infestation, you might consider removing their food source as a natural alternative to fighting them with chemicals."

Carolyn presents I've got worms! posted at Juggling Frogs.

Jamie McIntosh presents Garden Pot Recycling posted at Suite101: Organic Gardens blog, saying, "Keep plastics out of the waste stream by reducing or eliminating your use of non-recyclable plastic gardening pots and trays."

Stephanie presents The Potato Harvest (or lack there of) posted at Stop the Ride!.

Mark J. Donovan presents Winterizing a Garden posted at HomeAdditionPlus, saying, "Mark Donovan of discusses the steps in preparing your garden for winter."

SeaBird presents Oh peach! Oh salsa! posted at SeaBird Chronicles, saying, "An abundance of summer peaches and tomatoes from your garden? You’ve got the ingredients for peach salsa!"

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