Carnival of Green Gardening

Welcome to the Wiggly Wigglers September 9, 2008 edition of a carnival of green gardening.

James Shoop presents Grow Food and Save The World posted at Growing, saying, " is a blog dedicated to helping people grow their own food!"

Stephanie presents New Sprouts posted at Stop the Ride!.

Ena Clewes presents Dealing With Garden Pests the Organic Way - Gardening Articles - Organic Gardening posted at Organic Gardening, saying, "For many gardeners, a good offense is better than a good defense when it comes to pests in the garden."

Melinda presents VIDEO!! Gardening 101: How To Hand-Pollinate Tomatoes & Peppers posted at One Green Generation.

Piedro Molinero presents Rose Gardening posted at DIY Gardening Tips.

Jamie McIntosh presents Sawdust in the Organic Garden posted at Jamie's Blog, saying, "Put wood shavings to work in your compost bin or garden storage area."

Reba Haas presents Going ?Green? in 2008 part 3 - at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show? posted at Team Reba Real Estate, saying, "Looking ahead to those grey months in Seattle where we dream of our gardens? Be prepared for the coming year's Northwest Flower and Garden Show! Early news on what will be the focus of this year's gorgeous event."

webrunner presents Dealing With Squirrel Problems Humanely posted at Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Guide.

Stephanie presents It has to be done. posted at Stop the Ride!.

Sam presents The Secret Lives of Bees. Honey, Health and Harvests ! Surfer Sam posted at Surfer Sam and Friends, saying, "Bees, Honey, Pollen and Propolis. Bees, We Can't Do Without Them. The role of honeybees in pollinating crops is a vital one. It is estimated that bees pollinate about 100 different agricultural crops and about one-third of the human food supply depends on bee pollination."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of a carnival of green gardening using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our
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