Carnival of Green Gardening

Welcome to the Wiggly Wigglers carnival of green gardening.

James Shoop presents Alternative Uses For Common Veggies posted at Growing, saying, "Learn several secondary edible uses for veggies already growing in your garden!"

toad sticker presents Liquid organic fertilizer posted at The Prepared Christian, saying, "A super compost tea maker that works well"

Piedro Molinero presents More About Butterfly Gardening posted at DIY Gardening Tips.

Julian Pollock presents Natural Herbal Remedies - Organically Treating Baby and Family Organic Family Circle posted at Organic Family Circle.

Kristen McCarthy presents Community Gardens: Transform Urban Spaces posted at, saying, "Traditionally, community gardens emerge in the most unlikely spaces: from dispossessed parking lots and abandoned railway lines, to hubcap strewn parks and needle plagued back alleys, to the sagging rooftops that overlook laundry lines stretched out across the cityscape in multifarious patterns. In these areas rejected and wasted from human-made decay, urban gardens are birthed."

Dave Hobbs presents The Right Nectar for Hummingbird Feeding posted at Hummingbird Feeding Guide, saying, "For those who want to enhance their gardens with artificial hummingbird feeders, here are tips on what to do (and what not to do)."

Stephanie presents End of the Summer Garden Reflections posted at Stop the Ride!.

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