Carnival of Environmental Issues

Welcome to the July 15, 2008 edition of the Wiggly Wigglers carnival of environmental issues.

travelcat4 presents Latest Invention - Pedestrian Generated Electricity posted at Latest Inventions.

Yannai Kranzler presents Calling All Voices posted at Climate of Change.

Jason Isbell presents Reusing the waste: Home Edition posted at Tired Garden.

Julena presents Strange Days on Planet Earth and Your Makeup Kit posted at Organic Makeup and Skin Care, saying, "Just think: chemicals in tiniest doses can be more harmful then ever expected before. And "chemical coctails" are more dangerous than the ingredients on their own. And we know nothing about the combinations men created..."

Louise Manning presents LA turns to rainmakers posted at The Human Imprint.

Sean Reynolds presents Climate Change posted at Creativity, saying, "We humans often like to feel that we are in control."

GP presents Get Pumped to Hit the Road posted at Innstyle Montana- Come on Inn, saying, "Tools you can use to travel the road efficiently"

cheryline lawson presents Run Your Car On Water Technology posted at Run Car on Water Mix, saying, "Gas prices are currently so high that people are looking for alternative ways to save and the water fuel conversion system is quite something of interest that will help with saving the environment."

Marilyn Terrell presents The Trek Against Trash posted at Intelligent Travel, saying, "Two young people hiking the long distance Appalachian Trail in the US, picking up trash [i.e. rubbish] as they go."

Tip Diva presents Tip Diva Top Ten Tips - Recycling Old Newspapers And Magazines posted at Tip Diva, saying, "If you have old newspapers or magazines and don’t know what to do with them, don’t fret - there are plenty of ways to recycle your pile"

Tip Diva presents Tip Diva Top Ten Tips - Reusing Chinese Takeout Containers posted at Tip Diva, saying, "When you receive Chinese, Japanese or other takeout food in plastic containers, do not throw them out after consuming your wonton soup. They are versatile and can be employed for many different uses"

Deanus presents Electric Fetish from Monaco posted at Green Supercar, saying, "Green traffic, right way, right price?"

Roger presents Exxon crude oil $US45.45: US Supreme Court ruling posted at typing is not activism...., saying, "Hello! Plenty of other enviro-bits to pick from on-blog. Have a crack at the tag cloud if curious :)"

Idiot/Savant presents Climate change: the Garnaut report posted at No Right Turn, saying, "A quick look at Australia's Garnaut Review of climate change policy."

Amanda Harris presents The Green Glass Company posted at Pajama Mommy.

NAOMI presents PRINCE CHARLES RUNNING HIS CAR ON WINE posted at Diary From England.

Leon Gettler presents Clueless on environmental risk posted at Sox First, saying, "You would think at a time when the world is aware of the effects of climate change, that companies would be getting ready with some risk analysis. Think again. A new report from the Economist Intelligence Unit shows that companies are struggling to get their heads around environmental risk."

Louise Manning presents Corruption in the water sector posted at The Human Imprint.

Jess presents 10 Simple Steps Towards Sustainability posted at Sustainable Suburbia, saying, "In this article I discuss ten simple things people can to right now to make their lifestyle more sustainable."

Peter Jones presents A Roadmap Towards Sustainability: Excellent Book on How to Reach a Sustainable Future posted at Great New Books that Are a Must Read.

Peter Jones presents Climate Change, Drought, and Indigenous Peoples: The Current Situation posted at Indigenous Issues Today.

John presents Coal vs. Wind in Appalachia posted at A DC Birding Blog.
Leon Gettler presents Conflicted consumers and the greenwashers posted at Sox First, saying, "The rise of the green consumer explains why greenwashing has become such an issue"

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of a carnival of environmental issues using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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