Carnival of Country Living: Edition 1

Welcome to the February 26, 2008 edition of a carnival of country living. A great selection of varied topics which I hope you enjoy. I was particularly interested in learning how to read your dog's body language - I will have to study Bob and Percy more closely!

GP presents The Kitch from the Kitchen posted at Inside Montana - Your home at the Range, saying, "Tips from innside a green kitchen and a recipe"

Louise Manning presents Renewable energy and rural development posted at The Human ImprintWinter Rabbit Care posted at Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood.

Stephanie presents Make Your Own Suet posted at Stop the Ride!.

GP presents The 10 Commandments of Horse Management posted at Innside Montana-Your Home at the Range, saying, "The 10 commandments of equine management!"

Cindy Yeager presents Very pregnant ewes posted at Ewe & I Farm, saying, "On our blog we share life as it happens on our farm and in our family."

DoggieWoggie presents Learn Your Dog’s Body Language posted at Doggiewoggie - All About Dogs.

Chickens in the Road presents Make Your Own Wild Bird Suet posted at Author Suzanne McMinn, saying, "Make your own homemade wild bird suet!"

Laura Williams presents Spaghetti Casserole posted at Laura Williams' Musings.

James Brausch presents Costa Rican Food posted at Costa Rica HQ.

Thomas Carlyle presents Cooking Lesson: Getting Roasted posted at Angie's Pangies, saying, "Angie Younce talks about trying to find specialty food items while living in a rural area."

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