Can-O-Worms is HOT!!

Well this Can-O-Worms isn't so hot. This is Jo from Wiggly Wigglers Can-O-Worms in her garden in the snow last month.

But Can-O-Worms has certainly been hot in terms of news this week:

First of all a dream headline in this weeks Daily Mail for all at Wiggly Wigglers.
Sarah Sands says "I love my can of (pet) worms!"
Then our worms make it to "Its not easy being Green" and then to top it all we had to send three Can-O-Worms to London for The Richard and Judy Show. Rach nearly had kittens though, because the courier broke down (!) and the kits had to be there by 4pm. Anyway with a bit of van swopping and driver grief they made it just in time!

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