British Flowers

We have had a pretty different approach to floristry right from the start. I have never understood the idea of colour co-ordinating nature. To me, its just not on! Why folks think all yellow flowers look better than a whole mixture is totally beyond me - nature, by its very nature - is natural. And natural dear heart is a whole variety of tones, and colours and shapes.

In fact now I am on a roll, to me flower arranging a pretty odd thing altogether... Usually it would seem in my world one takes some gorgeous natural flowers - arranges them in a triangle, and if we are particularly unlucky one adds some props - like a fake piece of bark or a painting...

What I love (unsurprisingly) is a variety of cottage flowers, collected and hand tied in the mix that is available and in season at that particular moment in time. An appreciation of what we have right here in the UK, while at the same time supporting our own farmers who of course get no subsidy whatever for growing flowers. We get lots of our foliage from UKLyptus who grow foliage in North Wales. It lasts well, it looks good, and its grown here in the UK, which is surprisingly unusual.

By the way if you love this look too you know where to come...

mona turnbull wrote this 5 star review on 16 February 2009

I have received a lovely baby jar from our neighbour. It is the most gorgeous bunch of flowers i have ever received. I love it!

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