Bokashi and Cat Litter

I got a letter from Bill in California earlier today. I've added some Bokashi Active Bran to Noah the cats' litter tray Bill's right you know - he is.

"Dear Heather and Wiggly team:
Here's a comment for the kitty debate. For better or worse, we have two house cats. They have never roamed free outside and don't know any different. As far as I'm concerned, the biggest problem with house cats is the "waste management" , particularly that heady bouquet of cat urine that wafts from a shared litter box a few days after changing. It's easy to conclude that not having to worry about waste management is a major reason people are happy to let their urban cats outdoors.
Since starting to listen to your fabulous podcast (thanks, SF Chronicle) I got interested in EM and Bokashi. As a side use, I've been putting Bokashi bran in my litter box for a couple of months and it makes a huge impact on "odour" reduction. We use basic clay granule cat litter and I start with a handful of bokashi in the bottom of the litter box, then add another handful mixed in with the litter. The EM's absolutely chew up the urine smell in a most wonderful way. I thoroughly recommend bokashi to anyone who has a litter box and doesn't want to spend vast amounts of cash on exotic chemical-loaded litter formulations.
I live in California, in a city 20mins south of San Francisco. Richard might be pleased to know that there is, at least in our area, a predator that actively enjoys moggy. Last summer we had a coyote come out of the hills and it took an unlucky local cat. ...Well, it MOSTLY took the cat. The coyote left the front half on a neighbor's lawn, reminding us that "nature" is still just a few blocks away!
Anyway - please plug this wonderful use of bokashi - it certainly makes keeping a house cat easier. Thanks for your wonderful work with the podcast. I hail from a rural background in east Kent, and listening to you all is a pure joy.

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