Bird Taster Pack

This is proving a real winner at WW, and its thanks to you - bloggers, blog readers and facebook groupies, and especially June Saddington who came up with the idea.

Farmer Phil is not so keen on it as he has to pack lots of bags for it (he he!) but other than that here are a few reviews from those who know best - Wigglets!

Melanie B wrote this 5 star review on 18 February 2009

An excellent selection - I've seen goldfinches and long-tailed tits on my allotment for the first time since I got this selection (and the resident robin, though still wary, will probably be my friend for life!) The LTTs especially loved the suet feast, I've never seen so many birds on one feeder at once!

Dawn wrote this 5 star review on 18 February 2009

Excellent value pack. My birds love every bit of it. One thing though - the mealworms are packaged in a paper envelope - well some in my box proved quite resourceful and managed to eat little worm sized holes in the envelope and quite a few were wriggling about inside the box when I opened it.

Nikki Samuel wrote this 5 star review on 08 February 2009

Excellent excellent excellent!! I got the special offer but am just about to order one at full price. I was amazed that just by adding a few different feeds I attracted not only a lot more birds but some that only come every now and then. The combination attracts everything!! I LOVE it and will keep on buying. Thank you WW this is a perfect gift for anyone (especially yourself)!!

Di Weston wrote this 5 star review on 03 February 2009

Absolutely brilliant! I've just started feeding the birds on the site where I work and the pack helped in starting off the feeders and re-plenishing the bird-table. So good in fact that I've just ordered the pack at it's standard cost - excellent value for money! Wiggly Wigglers - you're the best.

If you would like to try a Bird Taster Pack you can order here.

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