Big Birdwatch Survey Results in!

Remember back in January when the RSPB held their annual birdwatch survey, and we all sat patiently at the windows with a pair of binoculars and notepad and pen, recording the winged wildlife in our gardens?

Well, the results are in!

The house sparrow wins again, but the biggest surprise is the long-tailed tit, spotted by over half a million birdwatchers. I wonder how many of them are wiggly customers?

I'm also wondering if this increase in the lovely little long-tailed tit is anything to do with the special offer that we ran, on our BirdFeed Taster Packs to help you attract as many birds into your garden as possible (not that's it a competition, honest!).

The BirdFeeder Taster Pack is still available (at normal price), and those birds are probably still out there, even if we're not watching them, so don't stop feeding them.

I'm just off to fill up my feeder now...

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