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Down on the farm…
Planting has continued here on the farm with the crops getting a good watering as they go in :) It seems incredible that we are preparing for the cows to come in over the winter but there we are - time does go by at an incredible speed. We have had several people ask us about the cows coming in the sheds in winter and the reasoning behind it. 
Well, of course cows are indeed outdoor animals and will grow a heavier coat if they are outside but there are many things to consider in terms of their health and wellbeing and the sustainability of the grassland. On our farm we have quite a high clay content in the soil and a LOT of rain (thank you Wales…) and this means that we can’t leave our cows outside as the ground would be too wet and they would damage it. At the same time our cows are due to give birth from 1st January so as the grass will stop growing bringing them in means we can provide them with a pretty cushy number and control their eating so that they have plenty but not too much to negatively affect giving birth. Our cows get a mix morning and evening and then adlib grass seed straw which is a byproduct of us growing grass seed. 
The boys fabrication continues - their tables and work can now be seen as inspired by this year on the farm they have launched BAD HARVEST - design and fabrication. If you want to see their work please check out FB and Instagram

Feed the Birds Day 2020 and our monthly treat.
This is a great reminder from the RSPB to think about our garden birds - it’s time to restart or increase your birdfeeding if you want to really help survival rates in your area. As the nights become longer and colder the most important meal of the day is breakfast for your birds so ensuring there is some extra hassle free food on tap for your feathered friends is a really good idea throughout the colder months. The best thing to do is to have a variety as just like us birds like different foods at different times of year. I will be putting out the following three essentials:
1: Amaizeballs - the perfect well made fat balls with really good quality ingredients (made by farmers…)
2: Wiggly Seed Extra - mixed and bagged here on our farm - this has lots of different ingredients to attract as many different species of birds to spot as possible.
3: Flutter Butter - so many birds really love this that it has become a garden essential for many of our customers. 
To that end I have put together a Feed the Birds Day 2020 offer pack. When you buy 12.55kg of Wiggly Seed Extra (£23), 50 British Suet Balls (£15.50) and 2 jars of flutter butter £6.50)  it would normally cost £45 in total but just for the start of the Feed the Birds season you can order the whole pack for £40 and get a FLUTTER BUTTER feeder worth £12.25 completely free of charge.


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