Beyond the Wiggle JANUARY 2021

Dear Wiggly Customer 
First of all – Covid Lockdown.
As an online business we are following government guidelines - and are pleased to be open for orders. (no visits are permitted to the farm of course).
Big Garden Birdwatch 2021
As we are in lockdown lots of people will be joining in with this year’s Big Garden Birdwatch on 29th – 31st January so if you’d like to join in give it a go at To attract the most species of birds the key is to have a variety of foods. A bird mixed feed does this to a great extent but at this time of year it is really useful to add some fats to your offering.
You will find all the options online at (and the sale is still on until 24th Jan).

Down on the farm…
 We’ve had our first birth on the farm this year. On Elvis’s Birthday (8th Jan) Number 40 gave birth unassisted to a heifer calf (By George the Bull). The calf which is a Charolais cross was born in the south yard and is a really farm colour and was up and sucking. The team put the pair in their own pen and both Mother and Calf are doing well.
We are now expecting many more in the next few weeks and are busy using our camera system to support the regular hands on checks.
Meanwhile Monty continues to develop his design and fabrication – check out @bad.harvest on Instagram for photos of his work 

Behind the scenes at Wigglys
It’s great to see so many people thinking about how they can deal with their kitchen waste at home. Whilst it’s great what improvements have been made with recycling green waste using centralised methods the very best way is for us to deal with our own waste and make our own compost to grow our own plants. This way we have the incentive to reduce our waste which is a real advantage and we don’t transport waste miles in the process.
There are lots of ways to do this but kitchen waste on your garden composter is generally a bad idea – it needs to be enclosed and worked on as it is added to avoid smells and attracting vermin. The two best methods we have found for this are Bokashi – great for dealing with larger amounts of waste and gluts of scraps and worm composting – great for small amounts of regular waste and for making the very best compost in the world.
We’ve put together both kits in our January Sale so that you can save £44.95 if you want to buy them together.

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