Beyond the Wiggle AUGUST 2020

Dear Wiggly Customer

Down on the farm: 
Most of our focus is on harvest and I’m afraid our thoughts keep straying to that awful weather including Storm Dennis and more which radically affected planting and growth and the result is that our crops are very poor. Combining is usually a time for celebration and getting excited about the yields and filling the grain stores to the rafters… but not this year I’m afraid. Seems to be a similar story for many throughout the UK so here’s hoping for good weather in the coming months and good cattle prices (and lots more Birdseed and Bokashi orders pretty please :) ).
We know how important it is for a family farm like ours to diversify and we were lucky to have a visit from HRH Prince of Wales earlier in the year and we were introduced as his most diversified tenants - I’m not sure if this is entirely accurate but we are glad we have a few more strings to our bow than just our arable fields this year!
Anyway, this year has been a challenging one for all and we know how difficult it has been for wildlife groups and charities to keep going - whether that’s because of a lack of volunteers able to help or the fact that so many events have been cancelled. You probably know we have set up two fundraisers on our two websites.
With Wiggly Wigglers we have set up the following to support hedgehog and wildlife groups and more… 

1: We donate £1 for every order we get online over £30 in value.
2: We have set up a donation box in our online checkout where you the customers can add some pennies or £’s to the fund.

So far this means we have raised over £5700 and have handed out £5000 in grants so far

If you want to help please add a few £’s to your order in the checkout box or order over £30 worth of goodies from us (or both). If you know of a small wildlife charity that is really struggling please pass this link on to them for them to download and fill in
If you want to send flowers don’t forget our farm flowers at
There we are supporting our Rotary Club by donating £1 each hand tied garden posy sold online and we have a similar donation box for customers to add their support to. So far with a huge amount of help from Rupert in the cutting patch we have raised £4000+ for local, national and international charities affected by Covid.
We often have questions about whether or not worm composting is worth the effort… My thoughts are that MOST people should NOT be a WORM BIN… 
Here’s why…
1: A worm composting kit is not a waste disposal machine - it’s a complete ecosystem… Life and Death, and this means conditions have to be checked on and the kit looked after in order to compost effectively. This is pretty simple - they need air, moisture and a pH of around neutral but even so you can’t just put all your waste in and forget about it! Worms are for Life not just for Lockdown :) Having said that IF you want a fabulous method of making the best compost in the World, have empathy for bugs and beasties and are happy to add your waste in small amounts regularly you WILL LOVE IT!
The best way I have found to deal with gluts in kitchen waste and the balance between ease of use and friable black gold compost is to have an Urbalive Worm Composter outside the door and a pair of Bokashi Buckets inside my utility room. Bokashi doesn’t make friable compost but it does pickle huge amounts of waste quickly and when you pop it into the soil in your garden it definitely is a fabulous fertiliser and helps your whole garden grow. So, my solution is a wormery for small amounts of regular waste and a Bokashi Kit for huge amounts of just about anything (raw or cooked!). 
Worth a look here as Bokashi Kits are on special offer at the moment -

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