an(other) eden

the weird fruit of the potato plant has appeared in my back garden. potato fruit? you ask -- yes -- check out this link for some images (not my garden!). continuing the theme of the tomato from yesterday you really must familiarise yourself with this darkhorse of the nightshaders.

as for other things that go bump in the dark, i've spotted my first earwig in several years. i heard it said on gardeners world the other day that we should make friends with earwigs but i'm afraid i won't be extending the hand of friendship. however if it means that there's an army of little pincer-ites on the march toward the aphid invasion currently humming all over my climbing rose then i'm glad.

the main job for the week remains the annual dump-out-the-compost-heap-and-dump-it-back-in-again. so far i've made a massive heap on the back lawn and i'm due to spend tomorrow chopping and mixing it into the perfect blend.

earlier this year I filled my Wiggly Wigglers raised beds with this cocktail and i've been rewarded with truly gigantic crops and crucially, carrots -- success with which has always evaded me before.

i'm also on the hunt for what my mate calls 'feral urban fruit' for jam. i'm afraid, in this neighborhood, wild food just means not going down Asda. I'm hoping for gooseberry but fear I may have missed the season. It seems my dreams of urban self-sufficiency are hard to marry with a three month old baby!

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow ...

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