Anne Robinson planting Maiden Pink on the Wiggly Garden.

We were really pleased to welcome Anne Robinson to The Wiggly Garden at the fabulous Hay Festival last evening... The last time Wiggly Wigglers had a "Queen of Mean" encounter was when our good old Wigglet - Ricardo appeared (for a very short time) on The Weakest Link! This time though Anne was absolutely charming and looked fantastic in a magenta dress and matching GORGEOUS high heels.... She remarked that perhaps they weren't the most appropriate for gardening... and I had to agree!

She explained she didn't like getting her hands dirty but loved her garden designed by Rosemary Verey who she was friends with.

Quite appropriate that she planted Maiden Pink which is now classified as a Nationally Scarce Species and is loved by Butterflies and Moths and will be a welcome addition to the Wiggly Garden. It is really really drought resistant and flowers between June and September.

Hope everyone had fun :0) Anne renamed Farmer Phil into Fred Farmer (!).... do you think it will stick? Thanks to Peter, Jo and all at Hay Festival for sorting this out for our Wiggly Garden Party.

Thanks to Nicola Goodwin for the first lot of photos.

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