An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

It’s a celebration of the humble apple today from the Wiggly sofa. Rachel Harries reports for this week’s show from a Herefordshire orchard where she has been learning about (and sampling) old varieties of apple, some of which are very rare. You can read up about all sorts of orchard news on the England in Particular web site.

Richard confesses to Farmer Phil that he has allowed a visiting group to scrump all the apples from the Wiggly garden and Rachel demonstrates the amazing apple peeler and corer.

Richard also tells us all about the little grown vegetable salsify and what you can do with it.

To listen to the whole of the Wiggly podcast click here.

Below is a taster of what’s on this week’s show:

00:23 Welcome to the apple shopping channel from Rich, Farmer Phil & “the not so young” Rachel H
06:19 Rachel talks to Frank Hemming about some amazing old varieties of apple.
14:35 Local apples are good, especially those from the Wiggly garden and ones used to make cider!
18:56 Richard gives us the low down on sensational salsify.
23:07 The team discusses the merits of heritage varieties of potatoes and why they are so important.

The Wiggly Wigglers podcast team is Heather Gorringe, Phil Gorringe (akaFarmer Phil) and Richard Fishbourne (aka Ricardo).

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