actias artemis

it's 4am and i'm not asleep. i'm thinking about moths. i am partial to the beauty of a hairy dusty moth so this isn't that unusual but i should really be in bed. i was thinking about white gardens, you see, and the fact that they are supposed to attract moths. i think on they are calling them moon gardens or some more romantic name. anyway, it's 4am so i decide to see what my garden's doing in the moonlight.

it's strange to be in your familiar space at night -- walking out into the chill in my bare feet, i immediately notice my senses / instincts are on alert. it's odd but i'm almost afraid. i walk down the path, gingerly -- not knowing what to expect -- it's so quiet! I've always been fascinated by the disappearance of colour at night and tonight is no exception -- i'm staring at the fennel thinking 'yellow, yellow' but can't make it out.

so what kind of nutter walks around their garden in bare feet and pants at 4am looking for moths? one, i suppose who wants to tell you about the giddy excited feeling i got in my belly as i felt myself shrugging off the veil of being 'human' and once again becoming an animal, at night! i think it somehow explains why my daughter, at three months, calms instantly when taken outside. we're fooling ourselves that we're not animals -- and then we're human, all too human.

see you in the moonlight! by the way, i've just discovered a whole host of moon moths (see link)

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