Absolutely Bonkers, Incredibly Informative!

Thats the latest review up on The Wiggly Podcast iTunes from Vicky C
5 stars

Vicky says:
"I'm hooked. Monday's have acquired a new perspective as I wait for the Wiggly Podcast to download.
Full of interesting hints and facts delivered in a hilarious and entertaining manner - most of their recommended books are now on my christmas list. I think the 'rants' are great and the arguments more or less balanced - usually!
Its like meeting up with good friends and learning all about how to live alongside nature - and enjoy it! Keep 'em coming!"

Thank you Vicky.

There's 27 up there now:
Out of those 25 are 5 star reviews, 1 is a 4 star review, and 1 is a 1 star review (anonymous says we are in the wrong category - which is a really good point but we dont know where else to go!)

Anyway if you have missed having a listen and a laugh, because you cant download iTunes or some other really complicated reason, now is your chance. Our Podcast Archive department has all the podcasts listed now. Just listen in or download for later from the site.

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