A Wiggly World Fix!

Landscape Juice
has a great post on worms with lots of useful links - including me - Thank you Philip Voice for a great idea on how to change our carbon footprint - using worms.
He says
"Americans throw away about 96 billion pounds of food waste each year, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Food items are the single-largest component of the waste stream by weight in the United States, and residents spend about $1 billion annually to dispose of scraps and leftovers."
I think its a great idea to use worms and Bokashi to change all this, but the first thing we need to look at is the food that we throw away. Currently we throw away 50% of the food that we buy! Not only that but when you consider that on average we are overeating by 10-30%, we could make a drastic difference to our local economies if we invest the money that we are currently wasting on locally produced quality food.
Oo, and we would bring smiles to all those dejected farmers too!

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