A Wiggly Meadow Saxifrage Treat

Rob - our Wildflower expert (along with Alison) has just sent me this email:

"Dear Heather, Hope all is well. When we met last we thouht the occassional plant of the week would be a good idea. Now, at this time of year there are many but we have some Meadow Saxifrage that are not getting a mention or picture in the catalogue, and are about to flower and look great. Thought we could do them with a picture of a tray full of plants with the usual script and picture that you have. Let me know what you think.  Meadow Saxifrage - Saxifraga granulata - Perennial - plant of hills and meadows producing delicate white flowerson stems 20 to 40cm in height in April to June. When flowering and seed production have finished the plant dies down, nutrients are stored in little bulbils that form at the base of the stem these regrow in late winter or early sping. A superb plant for planting amongst bulbs in tubs or the garden where bulbs will not be disturbed.   Best Wishes Robert "

I agree and so this is a very special Meadow Saxifrage Deal of the Day Deal of the Week. Every day we will have 5 lots of Meadow Saxifrage at half price, so if you want a quick wildflower fix here is your chance.

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