A Wiggly barter or two

The Wiggly Wigglers staff have a great way of "doing business" that involves absolutely no money changing hands. Last year I gave Richard aka Ricardo two ewes in exchange for him digging my veg patch - result!
Various other clandestine exchanges take place during the course of the year involving vegetable and fish shaped bags. Yesterday some very strangely shaped cucumbers were changing hands. I bagged a good swap in the form of a sack of chick crumbs (not the remains of my hens' offspring I hasten to add) for locally caught zander and some venison. Other exchanges have involved jars of jam, chutney, plants and joints (of the meat variety!).

ps A big Wiggly hello to Megan Lynch (of Facebook fame) from California, who is currently on holiday in the UK and currently staying with Heather and Farmer Phil.

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