A thorny tail...

Farm hedges usually contain a considerable amount of thorn - particularly Hawthorn due to the fact that the hedge was planted originally not for wildlife but to keep the stock in (or out) of the field.
But, as in turns out Hawthorn is a great plant for lots of wildlife - as Phil Reddell, from the Hollybush Conservation Centre explains when talking about creating outdoor classrooms in Leeds Schools. The easiest way of planting hawthorn and a whole native hedge is to plan it now, and plant it between November and March using bareroot plants.
However, as we always say there's a balance "Clifford the Trim" is cutting our roadside hedges now, and now several cyclists in the village including Monty have flat tyres because of hawthorn! (Farmer Phil says Clifford makes hedges into works of art - a sort of Van Gogh of hedges)

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