A "New" Farmer Phil

Our podcast has started inspiring young and old, most popular features seem to be the Monty weekly Wormcast on worms and the Farmer Phil report. So much so that I've just received this wonderful photo of Harry who has grown his own strawberries.

Along with this email
Hi Heather
Been listening to the podcast for some weeks now and love it! Harry wanted to send you this photo, but I’ll have to fill in the details abit … Harry’s 5 and has a baby brother called James. When we got a box down of some Harry’s old toys for James we found his old farm set and Harry has named the farmer Farmer Phil! As strawberries seem to be a bit of a feature recently he also wanted you to see them; he’s grown his own strawberries for the first time this year. They are delicious of course,

Keep casting your worms and your pods (we love Monty’s wormcast feature- he’s much more informative than Monty Don was. Even I could think of something more interesting on the spare of the moment than he did!) We are starting a Greenfingers club for the infants in Harry’s school next term and you have inspired us to have a go at podcasting too (eventually!) We’ll certainly have to have a can o’worms!

Best wishes

Jenny L (Harry’s mum)

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