A few strange things that happened this week.

I was attending a talk by Larry Bailin of Single Throw at The Podcast and New Media Expo in LA when he jokingly posed the question: I don’t suppose there’s anyone in this room who has produced a show on “Worm Farming”
Picture his face when I put my hand up…..and imagine mine when he gave me his new book! Thanks Larry.

Can-O-Worms is on sale in Marks and Spencer! (Its true.)

I have been invited to spend two days on a grocery van with Cherie in Michigan. Cherie had to take over her husbands fruit and vegetable business when he was killed last year. She delivers produce to an Amish community, who have really supported her. (I’m going – I cant wait).

The Wiggly Podcast has made the big three icony things on iTunes and this has resulted in a squillion billion extra downloads.

Our Pool Team (Red Lion Madley A) won again this week which makes us UNBEATEN for the season (it has only been three weeks, but even so…)

Rach and San have had 500 photos on Friday as Google have chosen Wiggly Wigglers as their “face” of the next quarter in their UK business advertising campaign. Roll over Kate Moss…

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