8 Random Facts About Me

Anna from The Engaging Brand, tagged me with the 8 Random facts meme.

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8 Random Facts About Me

1. I love Arthur Rackham illustrations and have lots of framed prints around my cottage, but would really love to be able to afford an intact book illustrated by him.

2. I would love to have a pony and trap as an alternative to a car.

3. I love buying books, but never quite get around to reading all of them, but they make great wall liners and make a room look cosy.

4. I would love to take a balloon ride, but am too afraid of heights to even contemplate it!

5. As a student I worked with Fanny Craddock’s granddaughter during a summer break at stables in Dorset. This yard stabled the horses for the film “A French Lieutenant’s Woman” set in and around Lyme Regis.

6. I love things, which would otherwise be destined for landfill, being recycled into something else.

7. I always wanted a mature orchard with chickens scratching about under the trees – now I have the chickens and am waiting for the trees to grow!

8. I love watching Blackadder and we named our two terriers Bob and Percy.

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